Custom Products for Your Business

Products designed to create business results

TechniaLabs offers you a selection of proven technology products designed to accelerate the success of your business automation strategy, no matter what your domain or organization size. Explore the ways in which you can chart your journey with these simple-to-deploy, easy-to-manage products we offer.

Customer Relationship Management

Redefining customer data management

Our CRM solution consolidates customer information and documents into a single CRM database, enabling business clients to easily access and manage their customer data and be more organized and responsive to market needs.

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Management Information System

Effective, organized, on track

A sound MIS offers our business clients a competitive advantage and helps them stand out from the crowd. It empowers them to be better, faster, more efficient and effective, and naturally more successful than their peers.

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Human Resource Info-System

Workforce information for business

Let our Human Resource Information System (HRIS) can help your businesses do away with the clutter of multiple streams of paperwork relating to routine HR, payroll, attendance management, and accounting activities.

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Property Management System

Intelligent, Intuitive, Insightful

Explore the wonder of modern analytics designed to meet the growing needs of real estate and property management professionals. Get quick and clear updates on expiry and renewals of property inventories; reports on sales, leases, and rentals, market fluctuations, workflow approvals, alerts, notifications and more.

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Document Management

Secure, Streamlined, Shared.

Experience the digital transformation-enabling capabilities the OpenTextTM platform, and overcome even the toughest information management challenges

Get the most out of Technialabs’ content management services that are custom built incorporating compliance, security, and privacy policies.