Industries we serve

We offer next-gen technology solutions and services to customers across varied domains

TechniaLabs global centers of excellence (CoE) and deep industry experience are transforming businesses in multiple domains. We are helping steer the technology industry agenda through innovation in platforms, products, services and business models.


Highly advanced security solutions for customer data and financial information; real-time, secure VWAN and Cloud-based collaboration between departments and branches.


Cloud storage and SharePoint for course material sharing, and enhanced teacher-student collaboration. AI for rapid response in campus management.


Gen-next cloud solutions for teleconsulting, patient history retrieval and maintenance; SharePoint for medical claims processing.


Highly secure virtual data migration using digitally secure cloud technology; managed services, and digital business transformation.


AI and Cloud solutions for accurate order management, inventory tracking, and ensuring better product availability.


Cloud-based vehicle and fleet-tracking technology, emergency response systems, maintenance alerts.

Real Estate

Cloud solutions for real estate inventory management; tracking of property sales, registration formalities, title status.

Oil & Gas

Management of data on the occurrence, availability, extraction, processing and shipping of petroleum products.

The Focus


Among our many areas we focus very highly on next-generation services helping companies deliver exceptional customer experiences by modernizing customer interfaces, integrating customer touchpoints and driving customer success.

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Our Engagement


With a workforce of over 50+ competent & technically oriented mindsets, who believe in serving only the finest IT solutions for industries, innovating and articulating with them as we do. We take pride in our self motivated, versatile and dedicated customer engagement to ensure positive and timely results.

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