Property Management System

Intelligent, Intuitive, Insightful

Explore modern analytics products designed to meet the growing needs of busy real estate and property management professionals.

Get quick and clear updates on expiry and renewals of property inventories; reports on sales, leases, and rentals, market fluctuations, workflow approvals, alerts, notifications and much more.

Property Management with Insight

Deployment and manageability

Our module is a game-changer for real estate and property management companies alike. The module is easy to deploy and manage, and makes even cumbersome related tasks simple to execute.

Defined roles and permissions

Keeping your operations hassle-free involves the mapping the right access permissions to specific roles, to ensure that all your information linked to your client database is secure and to prevent leaks of vital data.

Manage brokers and agents

Our custom module will enable you to track and manage your agents and brokers more effectively and efficiently. Track and incentivize the real contributors to your business.

Property management

Our powerful ERP solution can help you manage diverse kinds of real estate investments and projects such as residential & commercial properties, and extend to include labor camps and warehouses.

Lease management module

Track and update all your new and existing lease engagements with lessees. Stay up to date on renewal cycles, update revisions in lease financials, track late payments, and more.

Facilities management

Our industry-leading insight-driven facility management tools capture all aspects of the facility or project you are engaged in. From building maintenance, to housekeeping, to engineering, to security, water and environment management – our module covers it all.

Payments management

Easily keep track of receivables and stay on top of your client payment schedules. Trigger reminders for delays and defaults and ensure that your payment accounts and financial reporting systems are always up to date.

Notifications and alerts

Get conveniently programmed notifications and alerts to close out on support-related matters, receivables collections dates, raising and closure of support tickets and so on. Receive alerts in case of emergencies relating to the safety and security of the properties you manage.

Reports & dashboards

Get a defined range of regular and accurate reports on various metrics related to your ongoing projects—see what expiries are expected and prepare for timely renewals. Track profitability and market trends, and leverage the power of a sound MIS to strengthen your business decisions.

Workflow and approvals

Protect your investments while you ensure the long-term financial health of your property. Execute client requirements and close tenant support tickets efficiently and on time. Manage project vendors better and more cost-effectively.

PDC Management module

Stay on top of customer cheque payments and streamline the schedule of presenting and banking customer cheques to ensure seamless transactions and efficient cash flows. Trigger alerts within the system to ensure payment deadlines are met.

General Ledger

An accounting system that helps you maintain all your transactional data efficiently. Timely entries on receivables and payouts, taxes, and mandatory remittances are the hallmark of a sound book keeping system. Our software does it all and more.